Learn More About ADA/ADAAA Compliance

Staying current with the rules and regulations that affect ADA/ADAAA compliance can be a full-time job — and not one that is necessarily in HR’s wheelhouse.

To learn more about how you can avoid the dangers of hidden rocks and uncertain currents in the ocean of ADA/ADAAA complexities, download our recent e-book, “Seven Steps to Safe Swimming in the Dangerous Waters of ADA Accommodation Compliance.”

  1. Let the interactive process carry you
  2. Stay afloat amid wacky or wild claims
  3. Help employees return safely to shore (with a smooth return-to-work process)
  4. Swim with the currents of changing EEOC enforcement guidance
  5. Float through your self-compliance audit
  6. Ride the waves of local and state laws or multiple leave accommodations
  7. Avoid the undertow of audits, regardless of your management solution
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