What to Do When You Receive a Request for an ADA/ADAAA Accommodation

To be safe, whenever an employee indicates they are having a problem, and if the problem is at all related to a medical condition, you or the manager should consider whether the employee is making a request for accommodation under the ADA/ADAAA.

To ensure that qualifying employees receive “effective and reasonable accommodations,” you need to:

1. Contact the employee within 10 days to get more information and determine if they have a qualifying disability under the ADA/ADAAA, and request medical certification if needed.

Keep this in mind: Only ask medical questions that are necessary for accommodation follow-up.

2. Document job restrictions.

Examples include:

  • Impaired vision
  • Impaired hearing
  • Limited standing, sitting, or use of the computer
  • Limited lifting ability
  • Need for a non-standard break regimen
  • Need for only sedentary work
Keep this in mind: Any medical documentation must be kept confidential and separate from the employee file.

3. Identify options for accommodations.

A great resource for this is the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), https://askjan.org.

4. Assess the selected accommodation.

  • Will this satisfy the ADA/ADAAA requirements?
  • Does this work for the employee?
  • Does this work for the company?

5. Implement the accommodation.

  • Train your employee about the accommodation.
  • Document any vendor names and costs associated with accommodation.
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