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Innovation in the World of Leave Management

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thank you so very much to Franz Gilbert at Around the HR World in 40 Days for featuring Optis President, Archie Anderson, on his blog!

Here's a snippet from the interview. Read the full article here.

Innovation in the World of Leave Management: Interview with CEO, Archie Anderson

Leave administration is mature in the sense that the Family & Medical Leave Act was enacted by Congress and signed into law twenty years ago. However, the market is not mature from an administrative efficiency perspective. More than 60% of firms continue to administer the federal and state leave rules and laws manually within their HR function. The myriad of rules and the complexity of those regulations continue to develop, thus the process of administering employee leave requests under FMLA and State FML continues to become more onerous and complicated, particularly if the HR function is trying to manage it in a manual fashion. Every one of our new LeaveXpert customers that we have been successful in winning has come from an internal, manual process environment. Read more here ...

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For your employees, life happens, benefits are used and data is born. But without visibility and access to all of your workforce data, it’s only a matter of time before you lose control - and lose compliance. Optis makes your disparate people data easy to see, control and understand.

Our flexible data solutions and cloud-based software empower your organization to manage leave events, navigate regulatory compliance and integrate all of your data sources. Alleviate the burden of manual administration, reduce risks, get the full picture of your people data and make better business decisions.

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