8 Reasons for HR to Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our clients and business partners! We're looking forward to a long weekend, kicking off the holiday season, and cranberry sauce over here at Optis. We hope you have plans for a nice holiday as well.

In HR, we see a lot, we deal with a lot, but there is also a lot to be thankful for. During this week of thanks, we'd like to celebrate eight reasons HR professionals can be thankful!

  1. Open enrollment only comes once a year.

  2. Thanksgiving = a day off.

  3. Awesome tweets chats, such as #nextchat, #HRISchat, #tchat.

  4. The business casual dress at conferences – long live flats for walking those exhibit halls!

  5. All of the swag you can get a conferences. Margaritas anyone?

  6. Daily lunch breaks with DriveThru HR.

  7. There’s now a cloud software solution to track FMLA.

  8. And you can trial it for free and gain access immediately, without a demo, RFP process or drawn out implementation.


Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!