Announcing Claim View

Accessing comprehensive claim information for your return to work program and investments in employee productivity.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Claim View, a new addition to the Optis Insights product line. Optis’ Claim View provides a gateway for employers to access claim details from any source. With an intuitive interface that’s powered by the Optis Insights data warehouse platform, Claim View integrates your typically disparate claims data and gives you and your team visibility into your claim information in an accessible, organized and meaningful interface.

Unlike reporting, where information is static, Claim View provides the ability to drill down into an employee’s claim detail, providing you with not only the “what” but the “why” for the history of the claim. Claim View also supports adding notes and other documentation to each claim and provides users with the ability to configure reminders and other workflow configurations.

“Many of our clients outsource their claims administration, and are accessing their claims data via Optis Insights business intelligence reports,” said Rene Gates, Optis’ executive vice president. “While this information is extremely valuable, our clients wanted to interact with their data in real time, such as adding their own case notes and follow-up tasks. We are very pleased to launch Claim View and look forward to seeing the results from our clients taking a hands-on approach to interacting with their claims data.”

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