Assessment: Get a High-level View of Leave in Your Company

It’s not easy to know all the implications absence has on your company. In fact, after our survey at SHRM, we found that 54.3 percent of HR professionals weren’t sure how much absence costs their company. Are you in that 54.3 percent?

Costs can show up in many ways, but before you start counting dollars, you should be able to answer some key questions about leave in your company. In our recent Optis Leave Usage Assessment, we’ve compiled some of those important questions so you can see if you’ve got a handle on leave.

We’ve broken these questions down into some key categories:

  • Leave Use: Do you know how much leave is being used in your company?
  • Productivity: Does absence impact your company’s productivity?
  • Leave Tracking: Do you have mechanisms to track leave and its costs?

Download the Leave Usage Assessment so you can get a better view of leave in your company.