Checking it Twice: How HR is Pretty Much Santa Claus

When you think about it, HR managers are pretty much just like Santa.

You have long lists (absent employees, job codes, open positions, letters to send, grievances to review … the list of lists goes on and on).

And, you have to check them twice. (Does that absence need recertification? Was that initial notice sent? Is your new hire under the right pay code?)

And, whether you want to or not, you know who’s naughty and nice (thanks to employee complaints, performance reviews, and recognition programs).

You might not see employees when they’re sleeping (unless it’s on the job), but you spend a lot of time with them when they’re awake. So, you know if they’ve been bad or good … which is a lot to manage (for goodness’ sake).

And, you’re constantly giving gifts; approving leave requests, hiring new people, rewarding top performers, and providing benefit and wellness programs. These are gifts that keep on giving the whole year through.

Yes, as we see it, HR managers can find a kindred spirit in Santa Claus… only you work more than one night a year.

So, thank you, HR! Happy Holidays to all of the HR Managers and leave specialists out there! You deserve a wonderful holiday season!