Industry Trends in 2012

2012 will likely be a year of change. As the economy slowly continues to recover, we’ll be evaluating our country’s leaders and making decisions that will surely impact the HR, employee benefits, and risk management professions.

In addition, the technology landscape will continue to evolve and create opportunities that have never existed before. In the year to come, keep an eye on the trends below to help you and your organization adapt to the changes in 2012.

  • Traditional reporting engines and silo’d data warehouses will be replaced by new, integrated data management models built around the Big Data theory.
  • Workforce analytics and HR data mastery will become a critical component of all successful HR departments.
  • HR leaders will take charge of their HR technology platforms, rather than relying on IT departments.
  • Legal compliance will become more and more complex, especially in the case of leave management.
  • Data security and content integrity will be in the spotlight due to cloud computing, Smartphones, social networks, and insider threats.

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