Managing Employee Absence? Springing Forward to Get Back Time

We’ve been speaking with several prospective customers lately who are growing more and more alarmed with the number of FMLA leaves that are occurring within their organization. Often times, prospective customers are at a loss of not only why more leaves are occurring, but also the most productive way to track and manage their ever growing leave issues and staying current with leave laws.

Many times, organizations are tracking their leave manually - spreadsheets, calendars, paper files or sticky notes; we’ve heard it all. As the number of state leaves continue to increase, along with the increasing trend of paid leave, HR professionals are finding that they are spending more and more time out of their day managing these leaves, researching leave types that the employee is eligible for, and ensuring their employees return to work. Not having a cloud-based system with automatic leave type updates can lead to a lot of administrative work and research, and we know HR is busy.

So, to hopefully give you a little more time back in your day, we’ve listed a few leave types below you may not have on your radar if you are managing employee leave for employees in Illinois or New York -

For employees in Illinois

  • Blood Donation Leave - Up to one hour of paid leave, or more if authorized by the employer or collective bargaining agreement, every 56 days.
  • Platelet Donation: Up to 2 hours or more to donate platelets. Leave for platelet donation may not be granted more than 24 times in a 12-month period.

For employees in New York

  • Blood Donation Leave - Employers must grant employees at least 3 hours of leave in any 12-month period to donate blood.

Stay tuned for more information on other leave types by state.

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