Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - What You Need to Know

With 2012 being an election year, everyone has their eye on the month of November. Here in Denver, the city is preparing for the Presidential debate, which will be held in our own backyard on October 3rd at the University of Denver. As always with an election year, there has been a lot of campaigning and political activity recently. Late last month, the Supreme Court made a decision on one of the bigger political issues: to uphold the health care act. Just last week, the House voted to repeal it. The bill will now go on to the Senate where it is expected to be shelved.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has several implications for employers, individuals, families, government agencies, and other institutions. We sought to find out what HR Managers need to know about the act and how it impacts health care plans, hiring, tax credits, subsidies, etc. We’ve gathered up the links below to help you decipher how this act impacts your organization and best prepare for the changes ahead.

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