Returning from #HRTechConf - Don’t Let Drawn Out Project Implementations Stall Your Goals


It’s All About Implementation … In the end it’s about usage, smart data and building stronger teams. Will this product be worth the effort and expense? Deconstruct the technology down to its core deliverables. The rest is just a waste of time.” – Meghan M. Biro Have you seen Forbes’ “7 Hottest Trends in HR Technology” by Meghan M. Biro? The quote above is an excerpt from the article, which we think is spot on. The implementation of new software should get you to the end result in the simplest, most efficient way.

At #HRTechConf, everyone was chattering about being in the cloud. Other than being a hot buzz word, it’s important to understand what that really means for your business. The savings that can come from a cloud solution start at implementation. With the right cloud software, you can avoid the pitfalls of implementations gone bad.

How exactly can a true cloud solution help you identify the implementation “usual suspects “ that lead to project delays, bulging budgets, and a poor end result? Well, let’s take a look:

  • Procurement delays – the RFP and contracting process can take weeks and weeks. A good cloud solution will provide a free trial so the end user can test out the system while continuing to do their job, rather than checking off a list of procurement questions.

  • Customization overload – customization of software tools can quickly get out of hand. While every business has unique needs, an excellent cloud solution will provide simple configuration options and will include a workflow that will require less customization in the first place.

  • Overwhelmed resources – For the most part, we are all really busy. Taking on a side project or a huge implementation adds even more to your already-full plate. The cloud approach frees up your time and allows you to start seeing results instead of checking off boxes in an RFP.

  • Dependencies on siloed departments – If only you had a nickel every time we heard “We’re waiting on our IT department.” No offense to them (we love IT!), but they are overwhelmed with keeping the technical side of the company running, most likely with little resources. Intuitive cloud software with data management capabilities allows you to by-pass needing a tech resource.

  • Lack of user training – There’s nothing worse than software that isn’t being used (just thinking about all those unused, outdated systems breaks our hearts). A good cloud system will offer trials, demos, and FAQ’s to be sure that your team understands how to best use the system to become more efficient.

So, instead of depleting resources on a lengthy implementation, seek out the HR technology in the cloud that will get you up and running quickly, streamline your processes, reduce costs, and give you back some of your time.