Top 5 Reasons to Attend Our Webinar

Did you hear? We’re hosting a webinar next week:

Getting Control of Your People Data Thursday, Dec. 13th - 1:30p.m. mountain time You can register for it here.

We know what you’re thinking … you’re busy – why give us an hour of your time? Well, we think it’ll be worth your while and here are the top five reasons why:

  1. Everyone’s talking about data – and you should be too. Top HR Managers are seeking a better understanding of how to use their people data to improve programs and we’re going to tell you how in four easy steps.

  2. HR Managers are in a unique position to improve their companies. Who better understands your people than you, right? We’ll teach you the value of integrating people data and avoiding the pitfalls of not using it properly – which you can use to wow your bosses.

  3. We’ve added a speaker – so you’ll get not one but TWO industry experts’ take on people data in today’s work environment.

  4. We respect your time. We know you’re busy and we’re packing as much information as possible into a pretty short time frame. We’ll start on time, probably end early, and have a great method for answering questions so we don’t repeat any information.

  5. It’s FREE! Keeping yourself in-the-know on industry trends and hot topics is important … and expensive. But, not with Optis. We’re giving away our knowledge to help you be the best HR manager you can be.

Need more reasons? Contact us with any questions!

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