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Best Practices in the Leave of Absence Request Process

Last week, we discussed FMLA eligibility guidelines, and how important it is to keep managers in the loop regarding what qualifies as FMLA leave. This week, we’re talking about tips on improving your leave request intake process and best practices we’d recommend to improve communication and reduce your administrative burden.

Don’t Get Blindsided by FMLA Eligibility Guidelines

Lately, we’ve been chatting with several HR generalists who suddenly find themselves responsible for their organization’s absence management. Whether it’s a team member taking on a new role or a staffing reduction, let’s face it, sometimes you’re left holding the bag. But luckily, when it comes to absence management, it’s a designer bag because there’s a lot you can do to proactively manage absence and make significant contributions to your organization’s bottom line.

It’s Time to Take the Plunge: How HR Can Migrate to Big Data Analytics

This week’s post is brought to you by David Spring, Optis' Business Development Analyst.

SCRUM: Not Just for Rugby Players…

Over the past 18 months Optis has moved from a waterfall project management model to a SCRUM & AGILE project management philosophy for our new customers who require increased configuration. Developed in 1993, SCRUM promotes agile software development.

Yep, we get it…why would you care what project management methodology is used, just that your high quality product is delivered on time, within budget & scope, etc. But, it turns out that the SCRUM methodology has several benefits for you as the customer. Including –

How to Approach the C-Suite with an HR-Related Value Proposition

There has been quite a bit of discussion at HR conferences, associations, and blogs that has been focused on Human Resources gaining the attention of the C-Suite. Numerous articles and studies have concentrated on Why HR should get invited to strategically share in the business decisions of the top floor, but rarely have we seen the How mentioned. You may be a newly hired HR Director at a 100,000 employee company or an HR associate at a 50 employee company and have never previously had the opportunity to approach the C-Suite with your ideas and strategy.

Checking it Twice: How HR is Pretty Much Santa Claus

When you think about it, HR managers are pretty much just like Santa.

You have long lists (absent employees, job codes, open positions, letters to send, grievances to review … the list of lists goes on and on).

And, you have to check them twice. (Does that absence need recertification? Was that initial notice sent? Is your new hire under the right pay code?)

And, whether you want to or not, you know who’s naughty and nice (thanks to employee complaints, performance reviews, and recognition programs).

Want to Meet Up?

OCI has an exciting fall ahead of us with a lot of HR events on our calendar. We'll be traveling to several states to discuss leave management, FMLA tracking, RTW practices, and absence reporting with HR professionals across the U.S.!

Please stop by our booth at one of the conferences below and ask about LeaveXpert - the essential leave management system.

NAPEO October 1-3, 2012 Scottdale, AZ Booth #92