All Together Now: Keeping Your Team on the Same Page with Absence Management

Managers, we’ve all been there; your people manage tasks differently and have different ways of working. You have your superstars who excel under your leadership and create processes that seemingly no one else can do.

But then, life happens. And your most valuable employees experience a life event that requires a leave of absence.

Suddenly, your workflows have changed. You have temporary workers and you’re managing people who are covering tasks that they don’t typically tackle. You’re entire system is a little off-kilter. It’s a lot to manage – on top of all that you usually oversee.

In addition, you end up having to manage your absent employee. Keeping tabs on when they’ll be coming back, accommodating a return-to-work or ADAAA request, and knowing whether or not they are approved to be gone at all are tasks that require team managers to think more like an HR managers.

It’s a lot! And we hear you.

At Optis, we spend a lot of time talking about how HR will benefit from managing absence in the cloud. However, even though our state-of-the-art cloud-software was built with them in mind, we considered the employees and the management team who would also be affected by leave. Just like HR, you need to have a simple, efficient tool to keep up on the status of your employee’s absence.

With a cloud-based leave management software, employees and managers can also reap the benefits of a self-service tool. Gone are the days of calling the HR department looking for updates on FMLA and other absences. Say good-bye to assuming employees have been notified of expiring certification – to later find out you need to terminate them. Adios to surprise sticky situations!

Today’s managers can log into a self-service cloud-software and quickly get updates on who’s on leave, who’s approved, and when they’ll be coming back. They can work with HR to provide accommodations for employees who are returning to work or to communicate with an absent employee. And they can receive up-to-the-minute reports on scheduled (and unscheduled) absences for coming days, weeks, and months.

Your whole company can quickly get on the same page with compliance, tracking and workflow by managing FMLA and other leave events in the cloud – so you can get back to managing your employees.

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