Managing Employee Absence? Do More with Less.

“Do more with less.”

This is a term you’ve probably heard at least once in the past few years. Most of us want to be more efficient. How many of us have read The 4-Hour Workweek or implemented the Pomodoro Technique to try and accomplish more in less time?

HR oversees and manages a lot. Whether its benefits administration, payroll, employee communication, recruiting & hiring, or employee leave management, HR’s time is valuable, and free time is hard to come by.

We created LeaveXpert to help HR “do more with less,” increase efficiency and see bottom-line business results through effective leave and absence management in the cloud. Here are some general productivity tips we think apply well to employee leave and absence management, and life in general.

1. Avoid multitasking.

Here’s a great article written by Lance Haun on TLNT, “The Multitasking Myth: The More You Do, the Worse at It You Really Are.” When tracking employee absence, avoid going from your employee files to your desk calendar to sticky notes to your email inbox to track down important information. Start tracking everything in the cloud.

2. Create a to-do list.

Prioritize your task for the day, or week. When tracking employee absence in the cloud, create automated tasks that will remind you when deadlines are approaching.

3. Don’t re-invent the wheel.

Make things easier for yourself. Save templates or content that can be easily accessed and modified for future use. For example, use standard leave approval/denial letters and customize them as needed for employee correspondence.

4. Be more mobile.

Have the ability to access your work away from your workspace. We’re not encouraging working more hours, but it is helpful to have the ability to login to the cloud and work while traveling, or manage employee absence on those days you are working remotely. (Who’s email inboxes were crammed after SHRM13!? Let’s see a show of hands … )

5. Streamline your knowledge center.

Employment law, updates from the Department of Labor and other regulations can get unwieldy quickly. Get automatic updates on any new state and federal leave regulations in your cloud system. For example, with the recent DOMA ruling, states that provide state leave benefits to same-sex spouses, such as California, can run this leave concurrently with FMLA now.

6. Get help and delegate when overwhelmed.

Too much on your plate? We’ve all been there. Gain the ability to delegate employee absence cases to balance caseloads or adjust to team reorganizations.

7. Get started today.

Don’t wait to start accomplishing your goals and getting things done. Time is limited and valuable. Long gone are the days of lengthy project implementations and stalled program improvements. Start tracking employee absence today in the cloud with no start-up time.

Need more tips for increasing productivity? Check out Forbes’ article, “12 Tips for Increasing Productivity” and Inc.’s “15 Ways To Be More Productive.”

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