The Next Evolution in Leave Management is Coming …

We’ve got some big news to share.

We’re counting down the days until the 2013 SHRM Annual Conference & Expo in Chicago, where we’ll be debuting the next evolution in leave and absence management.

What could it be, you ask? Well, we know that when certain things are missing, it’s pretty evident. You wouldn’t visit the Lincoln Memorial and expect to see an empty chair. In your office, you wouldn’t have an important conference without a table. And you wouldn’t expect your employees to be productive without much-needed information for their jobs.

In the same way, many offices today are incomplete without a cloud-based leave management system. Instead, almost 70 percent of organizations are still using a manual, paper-based process to handle absence. Companies can’t see leave data clearly, understand the direct and indirect costs of absence, or get a handle on the impact that leave is having on their organization.

Absence costs U.S. employers approximately $100 billion annually. Organizations just can’t afford to not have a handle on leave.

But, how?

Join us on the Optis Illumination Tour: First stop — Booth 2325 at #SHRM2013.

We’ll be rolling out the next evolution in leave management systems and discussing the factors that help companies get a handle on leave. Stop by to see how businesses can avoid the disruptions that absence causes by illuminating their leave data — from understanding the leave usage in their companies to seeing the direct and indirect costs of absence.

Can’t make it to SHRM? Check out our website on Sunday, June 16 to see what we’ve been working on and how we’re revolutionizing the leave and absence management space.

See you in Chicago!