Are your Leave Specialist KSAOC’s Enhanced by your HR Technology?

What are the KSAOC’s (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Characteristics) required in managing an employee leave of absence? While numerous requirements come to mind, the Leave of Absence Specialist should be a leader and innovator for his or her organization in regards to FMLA compliance, maximization of RTW efforts, and understanding and reducing disability and workers’ compensation costs and utilization. Today’s blog will focus on the first of these areas: FMLA compliance.

In order for the Leave Specialist to ensure FMLA compliance, he/she must remain vigilant in their knowledge of all law changes related to family medical leave. This knowledge is dependent upon a reliable source that will assist them in this obtaining accurate and current information. Additionally, this knowledge isn’t sufficient unless it’s transformed into rules and policies which are enacted and executed by the Leave Specialist. The development of such rules and policies can be created and implemented internally or outsourced to an organization that specialize in leave management programs. The Leave Specialist must also effectively manage the program to ensure that enforcement of the FMLA policy is consistent. Without equal fair treatment of all employees out on leave, trouble is likely to ensue.

One may wonder how this can be successfully achieved…

The answer is that KSAOC’s are best achieved through the use of HR technology software. Not only should this type of application provide a library of pertinent FMLA and state FML laws, but it should also be consistently updated to appropriately track eligibility and availability of any applicable family leave benefits. In other words, it should be your “go to” system for all of your leave management needs, and help alleviate some of your workload and administrative burden, while also helping you demonstrate the ROI of your HR department.

In addition, specific company leave policies should be incorporated into the system. Be sure to develop these business rules prior to using the system to ensure that Leave Specialists across the organization are administering the leave benefit in the same manner.

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