The Land of Unusual Leaves – It’s a Jungle Out There

We know it’s a jungle out there when it comes to managing employee leaves of absence. Eligibility determinations, intermittent leave tracking, and keeping management in the loop can be a headache for HR with even having just one employee out on leave. Staying on top of state leave documentation alone can be time-consuming, especially if you have a manual process in place. With so much at stake, you need to know the lay of the land.

#IHRIM2014 Sneak Peek - Ask the Right Questions: Your People Data Holds the Answers

What are the insights you can gain by looking at your people data? Catch a sneak peek of Optis’ session at the 2014 IHRIM Conference “Ask the Right Questions: Your People Data Holds the Answers" here.

Cloud-Software: Tap Into HR’s Greatest Potential

Most human resources managers spend a lot of time thinking about how to maximize the potential and productivity of their employees. They strive for high employee engagement, recruiting the best and brightest, keeping the best and brightest, and offering benefit and wellness programs that improve their lives and, in turn, their work.

HR Can Do It All!

Most of us an have ingrained desire to do ‘it all.’ We’re all chasing after the dream of a successful career, happy family life, healthy living, and early retirement.

This deep-rooted craving for maximizing our own potential is prevalent not only in our human spirit but in the organizations we’ve created as well. In every company, at every level, there is an inherent need to maximize productivity while minimizing costs.

Don’t Settle for Less Than All of Your People Data

We don’t have to tell you that people data is the foundation of your HR technology applications. You know that having quality, usable data that can support effective decision-making is a must for your HR department. In the past, utilizing data effectively may have seemed impossible, too expensive or even daunting to an HR manager. But in today’s cloud-based world, the people data necessary to make the best business decisions is literally at your fingertips.

HR Resources for Dealing with Hurricane Sandy and the After-Effects

All eyes are on the East Coast today as Hurricane Sandy travels along the eastern seaboard. Google has created a crisis map, you can use to track the storm. Here are some articles that provide resources for HR Managers during and after the wake of the storm we think are helpful. Stay safe everyone.

OCI Implementations Kick into High Gear

We are pleased to share that over the last several months, we’ve added quite a few new customers to our LeaveXpert™ solution!

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - What You Need to Know

With 2012 being an election year, everyone has their eye on the month of November. Here in Denver, the city is preparing for the Presidential debate, which will be held in our own backyard on October 3rd at the University of Denver. As always with an election year, there has been a lot of campaigning and political activity recently. Late last month, the Supreme Court made a decision on one of the bigger political issues: to uphold the health care act. Just last week, the House voted to repeal it. The bill will now go on to the Senate where it is expected to be shelved.

Twitter for Human Resources & Leave Managers

At the recent DMEC conference, we had the opportunity to talk with a lot of people we’ve met ‘virtually’ but never before in person. It was exciting to put a face to the Twitter handle and make off-line connections.

However, in one conversation, we met someone who we hadn’t met online. As we spoke, she shared that Twitter and other social media tools intimidated her but that she wanted to start using them.