Intermittent FMLA: Tips to Stop Banging Your Head Against the Wall - Part 3

In the last installment of our Intermittent FMLA series, we’re going to share one final tip to help alleviate the pains that come with managing intermittent leaves.

By now, we’re hoping we’ve gotten you to stop the head vs. wall pounding with the first three tips: Tracking, Certification, & Be Suspicious.

Intermittent FMLA: Tips to Stop Banging Your Head Against The Wall - Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, we gave you a few tips to ease the head pains so many HR managers get as a result of managing intermittent FMLA.

Are your Leave Specialist KSAOC’s Enhanced by your HR Technology?

What are the KSAOC’s (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Characteristics) required in managing an employee leave of absence? While numerous requirements come to mind, the Leave of Absence Specialist should be a leader and innovator for his or her organization in regards to FMLA compliance, maximization of RTW efforts, and understanding and reducing disability and workers’ compensation costs and utilization. Today’s blog will focus on the first of these areas: FMLA compliance.

Are Your Leave Specialist KSAOC’s Enhanced by Your HR Technology? Part II

In part one of this series, we talked about how an FMLA software tool can enhance HR’s ability to perform at a high level and remain FMLA compliant. We focused on Leave of Absence Specialist KSAOC’s traits such as leadership and innovation. Today’s post continues the theme but focuses on what KSAOC’s are associated with the maximization of return-to-work (RTW) efforts and how this can be enhanced through the strategic purchase of appropriate HR technology.

Building a Business Case for FMLA & Leave Tracking Software

Do you track FMLA employee leaves for your organization? Tracking employee leaves of absence can be difficult to manage, particularly if you manage leaves within a nation-wide organization with hundreds of employees working across several states with various different leave benefits.

It’s apparent that implementing a FMLA tracking system would make life easier. But, with already stretched budgets and staff, how to do you bring the business case to key stakeholders that a leave management tool is worth the investment?

A Look at Proposed FMLA Changes

Last week, HR blog TLNT posted an article by John Hollon entitled “Top 10 HR Issues for HR Pros? They Haven’t Changed Much This Year.” Once again, the issues of FMLA tracking and coverage remains among the top questions HR professionals have, since changes to the law are happening continuously. FMLA

Recently, the state of Tennessee amended TCA, Title 8, Chapter 33, Part 1 regarding employees in military service. This may mean absolutely nothing to you. But, if you have employees in the state of Tennessee, you need to know what the amendment was and how it affects your employees’ leave eligibility.

Manage Leave Smarter (Not Harder)

We recently came across an article that declared that many HR professionals still aren’t a part of the strategic leadership team at most organizations. We quickly asked ourselves why, as most HR and leave managers are among the hardest working people in their companies.

Leverage Technology to Manage & Track FMLA at DMEC

Are you faced with compliance concerns, extended leave durations, and administrative overload? Uncover industry best practices and learn how to track multiple leave types in a cloud based system during the session, "Leveraging Technology to Manage & Track FMLA efficiently" at the DMEC Conference.

Intermittent FMLA: Tips to Stop Banging Your Head Against the Wall

Is there any bigger headache for HR managers than the one brought on by intermittent FMLA? The laws, the chronic conditions, the snippets of time….. It will eventually drive even the most organized leave professional to head vs. wall madness.

Is there anything to do but take an Advil?