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Optis Delivers a Hands-on, Real-time Approach to Employee Claims Data and Every Return-to-work Process

Optis, a leading provider of people data services and cloud software solutions, today announced the launch of Claim View, a new solution in the Optis Insights product line that lets employers integrate claims data that is often separately managed — such as workers’ compensation and disability claims — and gain a detailed view of each claim. From an intuitive, cloud-based interface, Claim View provides access to comprehensive claim information, including employee information, payments, and diagnosis data. Employers can enter claim notes and schedule tasks for follow-up reminders. Claim View can be configured to guide any company’s workflow, and user security can be configured to limit access to sensitive or confidential claim information. “Many of our clients outsource their claims administration, and are accessing their claims data via Optis Insights business intelligence reports,” said Rene Gates, Optis’ executive vice president. “While this information is extremely valuable, our clients wanted to interact with their data in real time, such as adding their own case notes and follow-up tasks. We are very pleased to launch Claim View and look forward to seeing the results from our clients taking a hands-on approach to interacting with their claims data.”

About Optis

For your employees, life happens, benefits are used and data is born. But without visibility and access to all of your workforce data, it’s only a matter of time before you lose control - and lose compliance. Optis makes your disparate people data easy to see, control and understand.

Our flexible data solutions and cloud-based software empower your organization to manage leave events, navigate regulatory compliance and integrate all of your data sources. Alleviate the burden of manual administration, reduce risks, get the full picture of your people data and make better business decisions.

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