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Are You Keeping Pace with Developments in Leave Management?

Let’s face it. Managing employee leave isn’t the most glamorous aspect of HR or workforce management. But it’s certainly among the most challenging. The legal and regulatory backdrop to leave management is complex, and it varies based on factors that range from where you do business to the size of your company. You feel as if the rules are ever-changing. It’s like doing business in an amusement park fun house; it’s a challenge to keep your footing, hard to know if what you’re seeing is real, and difficult to get a firm hold on the rail to help lead you through the maze.

Podcast: FMLA, Workers’ Compensation & Disability Update Q&A

A few weeks back, Optis sponsored the [Blogging4Jobs]( Triple Threat Webinar discussing updates in FMLA, Workers’ Compensation and Disability. It was extremely popular and our panelists, Eric B. Meyer, Casey Sipe and Jessica Miller-Merrell received over 70 questions from webinar attendees. They have continued the conversation answering a number of the webinar questions on this special episode of the Blogging4Jobs Workology Podcast. Click [here]( to listen.

3 Steps to Evolve Your Disability Management Program

*This week’s blog is brought to you by Optis’ Business Development Analyst, [David Spring](* According to a 2014 survey published by the [Employers Health Coalition](, there’s a likely chance that 2 out of every 10 employees in your organization have been diagnosed with depression in their lifetime.

Optis Featured in DMEC's @Work Magazine: Best Practices in the Employee Accommodation Process

What are a few of the best practices in the employee accommodation process? Find out from Optis’ Executive VP, Rene Gates, in the [latest issue]( of [DMEC's @Work]( magazine (Members-Only Content). ![DMECWorkMarchissue.png](/sites/default/files/DMECWorkMarchissue.png)

Webinar Slides: The Triple Threat – Your FMLA, Workers’ Comp & Workplace Disability Update

Thank you to everyone who attended the Optis-sponsored [Blogging4Jobs]( webinar last week! We hope you enjoyed it. If you missed it, here’s a link to the [slides]( ![tripleThreat.png](/sites/default/files/tripleThreat.png)

Get Ahead of the Curve Before It’s Too Late

*This week’s blog post is brought to you by Optis’ National Sales Representative, [Scott Lenox](*. *“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Socrates* Routine is comfortable. It’s something that is humanly planted deep within our beings that the majority of us strive to create and to achieve. It’s the building of a process around our actions.

Webinar: The Triple Threat – Your FMLA, Workers’ Comp & Workplace Disability Update

![tripleThreat.png](/sites/default/files/tripleThreat.png) **When:** February 26th - 1 pm EST Hear from experts at [Blogging4Jobs]( as they discuss updates in FMLA, Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Disability. Register for this important webinar to discuss and learn about some of the most recent changes in legislation, reporting, and pieces that are most often overlooked.

Disability Discrimination Today: An Employer’s Responsibility

This week's post is brought to you by Optis' National Sales Representative, [Scott Lenox.]( Attend any number of Human Resources/Benefits-related conferences hosted around the nation, and you will hear speakers and conversations regarding the ADA/ADAAA and the return to work process.

Look at Your Data, Lower Your Costs: OCI Featured in DMEC’s @Work Magazine!

Expensive changes to health plans from new laws such as mental health parity and health reform are forcing employers to look for savings across every department in their organization. Often, an enterprise will look to making changes in their benefit plans to save money – and disability plans offer a lot of opportunities for savings. But, choosing the correct plan elements to adjust poses a challenge for most organizations.
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