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5 Best Practices to Keep in Mind When Managing Employee Accommodations

Last week, Optis attended [DMEC’s FMLA/ADAAA Employer Compliance Conference]( After hearing several sessions regarding the ever-changing employment law landscape and compliance challenges, we thought it’d be beneficial to recap the best practices in managing ADA/ADAAA employee accommodations: 1. *Always engage in the interactive process* Have open and transparent communication with your employees if they bring up a medical condition.

Optis Featured in DMEC's @Work Magazine: Best Practices in the Employee Accommodation Process

What are a few of the best practices in the employee accommodation process? Find out from Optis’ Executive VP, Rene Gates, in the [latest issue]( of [DMEC's @Work]( magazine (Members-Only Content). ![DMECWorkMarchissue.png](/sites/default/files/DMECWorkMarchissue.png)

Knowing What's Next in the ADA Interactive Process

This week’s post is brought to you by Optis’ Business Development Analyst, [David Spring]( In a previous [blog]( we shared that training supervisors to identify and work through accommodation requests and the interactive process is one of the top challenges in managing employee accommodations. The interactive process refers to making communication a priority throughout the entire accommodations process, from request to implementation.
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