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Are You Keeping Pace with Developments in Leave Management?

Let’s face it. Managing employee leave isn’t the most glamorous aspect of HR or workforce management. But it’s certainly among the most challenging. The legal and regulatory backdrop to leave management is complex, and it varies based on factors that range from where you do business to the size of your company. You feel as if the rules are ever-changing. It’s like doing business in an amusement park fun house; it’s a challenge to keep your footing, hard to know if what you’re seeing is real, and difficult to get a firm hold on the rail to help lead you through the maze.

Managing Employee Absence? Do More with Less.

**“Do more with less.”** This is a term you’ve probably heard at least once in the past few years. Most of us want to be more efficient. How many of us have read [The 4-Hour Workweek]( or implemented the [Pomodoro Technique]( to try and accomplish more in less time? HR oversees and manages a lot. Whether its benefits administration, payroll, employee communication, recruiting & hiring, or employee leave management, HR’s time is valuable, and free time is hard to come by.
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