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HR Conference Wrap Up

Over the past two weeks, OCI has attended IHRIM’s HRMS Strategies Conference, the Louisiana State SHRM Conference and DMEC’s FMLA/ADAAA Employer Compliance Conference. Now we’re getting ready to exhibit at the Gulf Coast Symposium this week. At each conference, we’re seeing recurring trends and business needs. Not surprisingly, a main concern of HR professionals and Leave Managers is navigating and staying compliant with ever-changing FMLA laws. What is surprising is how few solutions were offered at the events we attended to help Leave Managers with their FMLA compliance issues. Of the systems that are available, many come only as an “add-on” of another system, do not provide reporting or metrics to truly understand absence issues, or include a hefty price tag. OCI is in the unique position of offering an independent leave management solution that integrates with any HRIS or payroll system already in place, improves legal compliance, accurately measures the direct and indirect costs of absence and is implemented quickly at a competitive price. As we look forward to future events and conversations with HR and leave management professionals, we’re confident that our solution will continue to meet the needs of and address the concerns of the industry. Check out the features & functions of OCI’s LeaveXpert™ at []( Visit OCI at Booth 304 at the Gulf Coast Symposium, and we’ll see you in Atlanta at the SHRM Conference! ![Gulf Coast Symposium](/sites/default/files/Gulf-Coast-Sym.png)