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Are You Keeping Pace with Developments in Leave Management?

Let’s face it. Managing employee leave isn’t the most glamorous aspect of HR or workforce management. But it’s certainly among the most challenging. The legal and regulatory backdrop to leave management is complex, and it varies based on factors that range from where you do business to the size of your company. You feel as if the rules are ever-changing. It’s like doing business in an amusement park fun house; it’s a challenge to keep your footing, hard to know if what you’re seeing is real, and difficult to get a firm hold on the rail to help lead you through the maze.

Curbing Intermittent Leave Abuse to Reduce Costly Oversights

Sick days happen. And when they do, employees need to be able to have the time they need to care for their health. It is, of course, in your best interest and theirs to allow employees adequate time. You want to ensure that your employees are healthy, happy, and operating at full capacity for the benefit of your company. But you also need to comply with FMLA requirements.

Disability Discrimination Today: An Employer’s Responsibility

This week's post is brought to you by Optis' National Sales Representative, [Scott Lenox.]( Attend any number of Human Resources/Benefits-related conferences hosted around the nation, and you will hear speakers and conversations regarding the ADA/ADAAA and the return to work process.

Spring Conference Season

There’s only one month left until OCI kicks-off our busy spring and summer conference schedule! We have a busy next few months ahead of us. We’ll be attending and exhibiting at several conferences nationwide. Our upcoming event calendar is below. [Click here]( to schedule a meeting with an OCI Sales Representative during a conference and learn about ***LeaveXpert™***, the essential leave mangement solution for your organization.

OCI Implementations Kick into High Gear

We are pleased to share that over the last several months, we’ve added quite a few new customers to our *LeaveXpert™* solution! OCI launched *LeaveXpert™* in 2010 and has received a positive response from the HR industry since. Over the past several years, OCI customers and other employers have asked us to help them improve their absence management via our robust data management and business intelligence solutions.

A Look at Proposed FMLA Changes

Last week, HR blog [TLNT]( posted an article by John Hollon entitled *“Top 10 HR Issues for HR Pros? They Haven’t Changed Much This Year.”* Once again, the issues of FMLA tracking and coverage remains among the top questions HR professionals have, since changes to the law are happening continuously.

Leave Management Software, No Really, Where Do I Start?! - Part I

***By Scott Lenox, National Sales Representative at OCI*** This seems to be a question I continue to hear across a variety of different sized companies and at all different levels of HR leaders who are interested in moving from a manual leave tracking environment to a more automated system.

Leave Management Software, No Really, Where Do I Start?! - Part II

**By Scott Lenox, National Sales Representative at OCI** This week, we’re tackling Part II of the blog series ***Leave Management Software, No Really, Where Do I Start?!*** Fully understanding the benefits your software vendor can provide, not only to your department, but other departments, and to the overall organization, will assist you in your internal discussions. Often times, purchasing a Leave Management software system will include different departments and decision makers. Two departments that are typically included during the decision-making process are IT and Finance.

HR Conference Wrap Up

Over the past two weeks, OCI has attended IHRIM’s HRMS Strategies Conference, the Louisiana State SHRM Conference and DMEC’s FMLA/ADAAA Employer Compliance Conference. Now we’re getting ready to exhibit at the Gulf Coast Symposium this week. At each conference, we’re seeing recurring trends and business needs. Not surprisingly, a main concern of HR professionals and Leave Managers is navigating and staying compliant with ever-changing FMLA laws. What is surprising is how few solutions were offered at the events we attended to help Leave Managers with their FMLA compliance issues.

Solving the Puzzle of Leave Management

Putting together a leave management program can feel like putting together the pieces of a difficult puzzle. It’s hard to see the whole picture when the pieces are scattered. Your leave management team has to coordinate and comply with company policies, federal and state leave laws, and multiple types of leave.
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