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OCI Implementations Kick into High Gear

We are pleased to share that over the last several months, we’ve added quite a few new customers to our *LeaveXpert™* solution! OCI launched *LeaveXpert™* in 2010 and has received a positive response from the HR industry since. Over the past several years, OCI customers and other employers have asked us to help them improve their absence management via our robust data management and business intelligence solutions. At the launch of *LeaveXpert™*, we recognized the need for an end-to-end absence and leave management solution in the human resources marketplace. While several offerings exist to track leave requests, very few offer the data expertise and reporting capabilities on which OCI’s core business and competencies are built upon. Our years of experience in providing data management and specialized reporting solutions allowed us to create a tool to manage the regulatory leaves but also provide employers with the information they need to improve their absence programs. Additionally, OCI unveiled two versions of its leave management tool in December of 2011. In response to customer and industry needs, providing multiple versions of the system allows OCI to provide absence management regardless of a company’s size, number of leaves, or absence policies. OCI’s new customers are not only within the human resources and employee benefits markets. OCI continues to add new data conversion and integration services for customers in the P&C/risk segment. Interested in OCI? [Click here]( to view our products and services.