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Solving the Puzzle of Leave Management

Putting together a leave management program can feel like putting together the pieces of a difficult puzzle. It’s hard to see the whole picture when the pieces are scattered. Your leave management team has to coordinate and comply with company policies, federal and state leave laws, and multiple types of leave. Managing communication with absent employees, coordinating replacement workers, and executing a smooth return to work program provide additional challenges. Without a full picture of your leave management program, it’s impossible to truly understand the impact that all of the pieces of absence have on your organization – in both financial terms and worker productivity implications. Implementing program improvements to return employees to work sooner or reduce the cost of leave is nearly impossible without a holistic view of your absence problem. But how can you put together all of the pieces into a clear picture? The answer is a leave management system. With the right leave management system, disparate leave types are funneled into one view and easily managed. Federal and state leave laws as well as company policies are updated regularly to ensure compliance and improve internal processes. Task management, letter libraries, file storage, and reporting are provided online and allow necessary information to be shared and reviewed with the click of a mouse. With the right leave management system, the pieces of your leave management program are put together to provide you with a clear picture of your company’s absence. With a holistic view of your absence, you can make improvements – saving your organization money and time. Want to learn more about putting together the puzzle of leave management? [Click here]( to learn about *LeaveXpert™*. Going to the SHRM Conference? [Click here]( to schedule a time for a demo of *LeaveXpert™*, or stop by and see us at Booth #2713 to talk to an OCI representative and register for a chance to win a designer handbag!