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Cloud-Software: Tap Into HR’s Greatest Potential

Most human resources managers spend a lot of time thinking about how to maximize the potential and productivity of their employees. They strive for high employee engagement, recruiting the best and brightest, keeping the best and brightest, and offering benefit and wellness programs that improve their lives and, in turn, their work. But, often times day-to-day tasks, repetitive activities, and data management problems bog down even the most skilled HR managers and most efficient, productive specialists. It’s impossible to work on your own well-being, improve your own output, and maximize your department’s potential if you’re stuck doing paperwork or constantly digging for important information. **Enter: Automation.** Everyone is talking about automated processes today and there’s a good reason for it. Instead of tracking reminders on sticky notes or shuffling through files for employee information, automation in HR allows us to streamline our processes and aggregate information so we can focus on improving our programs. There are a lot of opportunities to automate processes and improve your efficiencies within the HR department to help you become more and more productive and achieve more than you thought possible. But, with all of the hats that an HR manager wears, it can be difficult to select the program that could benefit most from implementing an automated process. That’s where we come in. We think the best place to start saving time and realize significant administrative efficiencies is your leave management program (there’s a cloud-based solution for it now). Not only is leave an expensive problem in the U.S., it is a time-consuming beast. You likely spend hours preparing [individual notices](, looking up [leave laws](, or looking up employee information just to approve or deny a leave event. Wouldn’t it be nice to send off notices, know you’re compliant, and have all of you employee information available with the click of a button? It would. And we’d like to offer you an opportunity to try it out, for free. [Sign up now for our free trial of LeaveXpert]( and start managing leave events in the cloud today. We’re certain you’ll start saving time immediately and be able to focus on improving your work and your company’s employee programs. With the free time you have, you’ll be able to make improvements that impact your company in many ways and show off the HR skills we know you have. Let’s [get started]( and help you achieve your greatest potential today.