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New to LeaveXpert! Self-service Portal Enhancements

We are pleased to announce that we have added several new features within the LeaveXpert self-service portal! These new features are designed to increase time savings, communication efficiency and workflow between the leave specialist and the employee. The portal is offered with the Plus and Unlimited editions of LeaveXpert, our cloud-based employee leave management system. This is where employees can request a leave of absence and provide details about their leave. The new features include the ability for employees to upload certifications and case notes about their leave to the portal, and the ability for the leave specialist to post letters and forms to the portal for the employee to view. Auto-generated email alerts are sent to both parties once a new piece of communication is added to the absence case, and all communication views are logged in the case history. “In speaking with our customers, we learned that there was an opportunity to improve the workflow in the leave management process by providing leave specialists and employees with a centralized location to post notes, letters, and forms about the leave of absence,” said Rene Gates, Optis’ executive vice president. “These enhancements are designed to not only improve workflow and communication, but also lead to time savings for leave specialists and employees, as all communication is streamlined to a central location. These enhancements bypass having to mail forms and sort through emails.” *Read the full press release [here](* *Interested in learning more about LeaveXpert? [Contact us]( or sign-up for our [free 30 day trial](* ![selfservicescreenshot.png](/sites/default/files/selfservicescreenshot.png)