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2015 HR Tech Outlook

This week’s post is brought to you by Optis’ Executive Vice President, [Rene Gates]( ![photo-gates_0.jpg](/sites/default/files/photo-gates_0.jpg) 2014 was a busy year for Optis’ product develop team. We rolled out a Self Service Portal for LeaveXpert®, unveiled a new platform for Optis Insights, and launched an end-to-end employee accommodations solution, ADAInteract™. While we were expanding our product roadmap for 2014, we kept a close ear to the ground on new developments in HR technology.

Data Conversion Rundown

*This week's post is brought to you by Andy Kersh, Optis' Senior Data Analyst.* Data conversion is a concept that’s been used for decades in the HR Tech realm. But, what *exactly* does it mean? Simply put, data conversion is the transformation of data from one format to another. There are many types of data conversions - file type, database type, or even a whole system of data.

Twitter for Human Resources & Leave Managers

At the recent [DMEC conference](, we had the opportunity to talk with a lot of people we’ve met ‘virtually’ but never before in person. It was exciting to put a face to the Twitter handle and make off-line connections. However, in one conversation, we met someone who we hadn’t met online.

Want to Meet Up?

OCI has an exciting fall ahead of us with a lot of HR events on our calendar.
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