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Recently, the state of Tennessee amended *TCA, Title 8, Chapter 33, Part 1* regarding employees in military service. This may mean absolutely nothing to you. But, if you have employees in the state of Tennessee, you need to know what the amendment was and how it affects your employees’ leave eligibility. In a time of frequent legislative changes, varying court rulings, and ever-evolving state and federal leave laws, it can be confusing for a Leave Specialist or HR Manager to keep track of which laws apply their employees.

The Missing Piece: Data Integration

Recently, [we discussed]( how a good leave management system can help you put together the pieces of managing absence to view a clear picture of your company’s leave landscape. There are some leave systems out there that can provide you with the tools necessary to track FMLA and direct some of the day-to-day activities of managing leave. But most are missing a key piece of the leave management puzzle: data integration. As most leave managers know, managing absence in an organization isn’t limited to FMLA.

Manage Leave Smarter (Not Harder)

We recently came across [an article]( that declared that many HR professionals still aren’t a part of the strategic leadership team at most organizations.

DMEC Conference Recap - Leveraging Technology to Manage FMLA Leaves

The Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) Annual International Conference took place this week in Denver. It was a great conference and OCI was honored to co-present with Rich Silva, Leave of Absence Specialist from FedEx Ground during the session ***Leveraging Technology, Track & Manage FMLA Efficiently***.

Want to Meet Up?

OCI has an exciting fall ahead of us with a lot of HR events on our calendar.
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