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Staying Focused on Absence Management and Return to Work

*This week’s post is brought to you by Optis’ National Sales Representative, [Scott Lenox](* *“Where attention goes, energy flows and results show.” -T.

Three Scenarios: Two FMLA, One Light Duty and One Reduced Schedule. Which One is Which?

It’s trivia time! We’ve listed three scenarios below, two FMLA leaves, one light duty and one reduced schedule. Can you tell which one is which? 1 - Melissa will be having bypass surgery, and will need to miss 6 weeks from work. When she returns she can work her regular job duties as plant foreman but will be limited to four-hour work days for the first three weeks. 2 – Jason has a bad cold and will need to stay home for two days and miss work at his job as a flight attendant to recover.

Should FMLA Tracking be an Olympic Sport?

The exercise of managing and tracking FMLA in today’s work environment requires training, dedication to excellence (aka compliance), and endurance. Leave managers must be committed to obtaining the education necessary to understand the internal and external (state and federal) policies governing employee absence.

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