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Should FMLA Tracking be an Olympic Sport?

The exercise of managing and tracking FMLA in today’s work environment requires training, dedication to excellence (aka compliance), and endurance. Leave managers must be committed to obtaining the education necessary to understand the internal and external (state and federal) policies governing employee absence. They then must operate as efficiently as possible to ensure compliance with said leave policies (keeping the company away from potential legal issues) while managing the day-to-day tasks and events required to return employees to work quickly. And, while leave types and durations vary, the complexities and length of some absences will carry on for weeks (or even months) and require ongoing management, documentation, and correspondence. Today’s leave manager athlete trains themselves on leave types and policy, dedicates themselves to the most efficient and compliant processes, and has the endurance to keep up with a leave of absence – no matter how long or how complex. We think you deserve a gold medal! Keep up the good work! **Going to DMEC?** _Learn more about managing FMLA in the session, [Leveraging Technology to Track & Manage FMLA Effectively](, with Rich Silva of FedEx Ground and Dave Spring of OCI. Also, stop by [Booth 40](|4479398f-1c78-474e-95c4-18b0391bc820) for more information on LeaveXpert and to register to win a Marc Jacobs handbag!_